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Recent manuscripts

Johannes Hein and Andrew Murphy. 2023. Directional syncretism without directional rules. Ms. Humboldt University of Berlin and University of Potsdam.

Arregi, Karlos and Andrew Murphy. 2022. Argument-internal parasitic gaps. Ms. The University of Chicago.

Journal articles (peer-reviewed)

Murphy, Andrew and Brianna Wilson. to appear. Discontinuous noun phrases in Iquito. Natural Language and Linguistic Theory.

Murugesan, Gurujegan, Imke Driemel and Andrew Murphy. to appear. Omnivorous person, number and gender in Mundari: A Cyclic Agree analysis. Natural Language and Linguistic Theory.

Sampson Korsah and Andrew Murphy. 2024. The absence of islands in Akan: The role of resumption. Languages (Special Issue: 'Escaping African Islands'). 9(4). 127. 1-34.

Murphy, Andrew. 2022. Parasitic gaps diagnose A-movement in locative and quotative inversion. Snippets. 43. 4-6.

Hein, Johannes and Andrew Murphy. 2022. VP nominalization and the Final-over-Final Condition. Linguistic Inquiry. 53(2). 337-370.

Murphy, Andrew and Savio Meyase. 2022. Licensing and anaphora in Tenyidie. Glossa. 7(1). 1–59.

Murphy, Andrew. 2021. Rightward verb movement: A reappraisal. Journal of Comparative Germanic Linguistics. 319–376.

Korsah, Sampson and Andrew Murphy. 2020. Tonal reflexes of movement in Asante Twi. Natural Language and Linguistic Theory. 38(3). 827–885.

Murphy, Andrew. 2020. Voice mismatches beyond passives: Sluicing with active impersonal antecedents. Linguistica Brunensia. 68(2). 65-83.

Hein, Johannes and Andrew Murphy. 2020. Case matching and syncretism in ATB-dependencies. Studia Linguistica. 74(2). 254-302.

Murphy, Andrew. 2019. A Distinctness effect in the German noun phrase. Snippets. 35. 3-4.

Elliott, Patrick and Andrew Murphy. 2019. Unconditional sluicing: An ellipsis identity puzzle. Snippets. 35. 6-9.

Murphy, Andrew. 2019. Resolving conflicts with violable constraints: On the cross-modular parallelism of repairs. Glossa. 4(1). 9. 1-39.

Murphy, Andrew and Zorica Puškar. 2018. Closest conjunct agreement is an illusion. Natural Language and Linguistic Theory. 36(4). 1207-1261.

Murphy, Andrew. 2018. Pronominal inflection and NP ellipsis in German. Journal of Comparative Germanic Linguistics. 21(3). 327-379.

Murphy, Andrew. 2018. Dative intervention is a gang effect. The Linguistic Review. 35(3). 519-574.

Murphy, Andrew. 2017. Toward a unified theory of wh-in-situ and islands. Journal of East Asian Linguistics. 26(2). 189-231.

Murphy, Andrew. 2016. Subset relations in ellipsis licensing. Glossa. 1(1). 44. 1-34.

Papers in edited volumes (peer-reviewed)

Murphy, Andrew and Gereon Müller. 2022. Derivational ellipsis and Vehicle Change. In. G. Güneş and A. Lipták (eds.). The Derivational Timing of Ellipsis. Oxford University Press: Oxford. 131-169.

Murphy, Andrew, Zorica Puškar and Matías Guzmán-Naranjo. 2018. Gender encoding on hybrid nouns in Bosnian/Croatian/Serbian: Experimental evidence from ellipsis. In D. Lenertová, R. Meyer, R. Šimík and L. Szucsich (eds.). Advances in Formal Slavic Linguistics 2016. Language Science Press: Berlin. 313–336.

Conference proceedings and working papers (selected)

Hein, Johannes and Andrew Murphy. 2023. Bidirectional syncretism in Distributed Morphology: Evidence for markedness-driven feature insertion. In S.-Y. Lam and S. Ozaki (eds.). Proceedings of NELS 53. GLSA: Amherst, MA. 47-60.

Murphy, Andrew. 2021. Left-Branch Extraction and Barss' Generalization. In R. Soo, U. Y. Chow and S. Nederveen (eds.). Proceedings of the 38th West Coast Conference on Formal Linguistics. Cascadilla Press: Somerville, MA. 294-304.

Murphy, Andrew. 2019. Structure Removal: A synopsis. In A. Murphy (ed.). Structure Removal. (Linguistische Arbeits Berichte LAB 94). Universität Leipzig: Leipzig. 1–34.

Korsah, Sampson and Andrew Murphy. 2019. Removing clausal determiners in Kwa. In A. Murphy (ed.). Structure Removal. (Linguistische Arbeits Berichte LAB 94). Universität Leipzig: Leipzig. 247-294.

Korsah, Sampson and Andrew Murphy. 2017. Reduplicated indefinites in Gã: Concord or polarity?. In V. Hohaus and W. Rothe (eds.). Proceedings of TripleA 3. Universität Tübingen: Tübingen. 16–31.

Korsah, Sampson and Andrew Murphy. 2016. What can tone tell us about successive-cyclic movement? Evidence from Asante Twi. In C. Hammerly & B. Prickett (eds.). Proceedings of NELS 46. GLSA: Amherst, MA, 227–240.

Murphy, Andrew. 2016. What copying (doesn’t) tell us about movement: Remarks on the derivation of wh-copying in German. In K. Barnickel, M. Guzmán-Naranjo, J. Hein, S. Korsah, A. Murphy, L. Paschen, Z. Puškar and J. Zaleska (eds.). Replicative Processes in Grammar (Linguistische Arbeits Berichte LAB 93) Universität Leipzig: Leipzig. 149–188.

Murphy, Andrew. 2016. Double passivization in Turkish: A Structure Removal approach. In K. Bellamy, L. Karvovskaya, M. Kohlberger & G. Saad (eds.). Proceedings of ConSOLE XXIII. Leiden University Centre for Linguistics: Leiden. 316–339.

Hein, Johannes, Andrew Murphy and Joanna Zaleska. 2014. Rule flipping and the feeding-bleeding relationship. In A. Assmann, S. Bank, D. Georgi, T. Klein, P. Weisser and E. Zimmermann (eds.). Topics at InfL (Linguistische Arbeits Berichte LAB 92). Universität Leipzig: Leipzig. 1–32.

Murphy, Andrew. 2014. Breaking chains: A parenthetical analysis of the German w...w-copy construction. In J. Steixner (ed.). Wiener Linguistische Gazette Special Issue 78A. Institut für Sprachwissenschaft: Universität Wien. 198–217.


Elliott, Patrick and Andrew Murphy. 2019. The other reading of reciprocals in ellipsis contexts. Ms. Leibniz-ZAS and Leipzig University.

Andrew Murphy. 2018. Constraints on multiple specifiers. Ms. Leipzig University.

Andrew Murphy. 2017. Strong inflection doesn't always license ellipsis. Ms. Leipzig University.

Andrew Murphy. 2017. `Default' Case in gapping reconsidered. Ms. Leipzig University.

Andrew Murphy. 2016. A note on the Swiping/P-Stranding Generalization. Ms. Leipzig University.

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