Here are some papers that I have published, as well as anything I am currently working on. Any comments would be very much appreciated! For a full list of talks and publications, see my CV.


Journal articles

[with Johannes Hein]
(accepted w/ revisions) VP nominalization and the Final-over-Final Condition. Linguistic Inquiry. [pdf]

[with Sampson Korsah]
(to appear) Tonal reflexes of movement in Asante Twi. Natural Language and Linguistic Theory. [link] [prefinal]

[with Johannes Hein]
(to appear) Case matching and syncretism in ATB-dependencies. Studia Linguistica. [link]

(2019) A Distinctness effect in the German noun phrase. Snippets 35. 6-9. [link]

[with Patrick Elliott]
(2019) Unconditional sluicing: An ellipsis identity puzzle. Snippets 35. 3-4.  [link]

(2019) Resolving conflicts with violable constraints: On the cross-modular parallelism of repairs. Glossa 4(1). 9. 1-39.  [prefinal] [link]

(2018) Pronominal inflection and NP ellipsis in German. Journal of Comparative Germanic Linguistics 21(3). 327-379. [prefinal] [link]

[with Zorica Puškar]
(2018) Closest conjunct agreement is an illusionNatural Language and Linguistic Theory 36(4). 1207-1261.  [prefinal] [link] 

(2018) Dative intervention is a gang effect. The Linguistic Review 35(3). 519–574. [prefinal] [link]

(2017) Toward a unified theory of wh-in-situ and islands. Journal of East Asian Linguistics 26(2). 189-231. [prefinal] [link]

(2016) Subset relations in ellipsis licensing. Glossa 1(1) 44. 1–34. [prefinal] [link]

Manuscripts/Under review

(2019) Rightward verb movement: A reappraisal. Ms. Universität Leipzig. [pdf]

[with Patrick Elliott]
(2019) The other reading of reciprocals in elliptical contexts. Ms. Leibniz-ZAS & Universität Leipzig. [pdf]

(2019) Constraints on multiple specifiers. Ms. Universität Leipzig (new version). [pdf]

[with Gereon Müller
(2019) Derivational ellipsis and Vehicle Change. Ms.  Universität Leipzig. [pdf]

(2017) Default case in gapping reconsidered'. Ms. Universität Leipzig. [pdf]

(2016) A note on the Swiping/P-Stranding Generalization'. Ms. Universität Leipzig. [pdf]

Conference proceedings/working papers

[with Johannes Hein]
(to appear) Word order in nominalizations: Another domain for the FOFC. In M. Baird, D. Göksu and J. Pesetsky (eds.). Proceedings of NELS 49. GLSA: Amherst, MA. [pdf]

[with Sampson Korsah]
(to appear) 'Islands and resumption in Asante Twi'. in M. O'Leary & R. Stockwell (eds.). Proceedings of the 36th West Coast Conference on Formal Linguistics (WCCFL). Cascadilla Press: Somerville, MA. [pdf]

[with Zorica Puškar and Matías Guzmán Naranjo]
(2018) 'Gender encoding on hybrid nouns in Bosnian/Croatian/Serbian: Experimental evidence from ellipsis'. D. Lenertová, R. Meyer, R. Šimík & L. Szucsich (eds.). Advances in Formal Slavic Linguistics 2016. LangSci Press: Berlin. 313--336. [link]

[with Sampson Korsah]
(2017) 'Reduplicated indefinites in Gã: Concord or polarity?'. in V. Hohaus & W. Rothe (eds.). Proceedings of TripleA3 (2016). Universität Tübingen: Tübingen. 16-31. [pdf]

[with Sampson Korsah]
(2016) 'What can tone tell us about successive-cyclic movement? Evidence from Asante Twi. In C. Hammerly and B. Prickett (eds.). Procededings of NELS 46. GLSA: Amherst. 227-240. [pdf]

(2016) 'Double Passivization in Turkish: A Structure Removal Approach'. in K. Bellamy, L. Karvovskaya, M. Kohlberger & G. Saad (eds.). Proceedings of ConSOLE XXIII. 316-339 [pdf] (An updated and slightly shorter version of the 2014 paper)

(2016) 'What copying (doesn't) tell us about movement: Remarks on the derivation of wh-copying in German'. In K. Barnickel, M. Guzmán Naranjo, J. Hein, S. Korsah, A. Murphy, L. Paschen, Z. Puškar & J. Zaleska (eds.). Replicative Processes in Grammar (Linguistische Arbeitsberichte 93). 149–188. [pdf]

[with Johannes Hein, Ludger Paschen and Joanna Zaleska]
(2016) 'What are replicative processes?'. In K. Barnickel, M. Guzmán Naranjo, J. Hein, S. Korsah, A. Murphy, L. Paschen, Z. Puškar & J. Zaleska (eds.). Replicative Processes in Grammar (Linguistische Arbeitsberichte 93). 149–188. [pdf]

(2014) 'Stacked passives in Turkish'. In A. Assmann, S. Bank, D. Georgi, T. Klein, P. Weisser and E. Zimmermann (eds.). Topics at InfL (Linguistische Arbeitsberichte 92), Universität Leipzig. [pdf]